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We believe that scientists need to be provided with tools for metabolic engineering that enable them to apply their creativity, and simulate their unique ideas with a strong backing of scientific literature.

Galaxy SynBioCAD is a platform to power the metabolic engineering revolution. It is an open access Galaxy workflow environment to design and build different metabolic routes for the production of a compound of interest. We combine the proven efficiency of RetroPath2.0 – an automated open-source tool based on generalized reaction rules that generate retrosynthesis networks linking the target compound(s) (called the source) to the metabolites of the chassis strain (called the sink); with a downstream analysis method. This provides a user with a user-defined ranking function to extract the most efficient pathways from the generated metabolic pathways.

The intuitive, user-friendly platform of the Galaxy SynBioCAD Portal: 

  • offers a versatile one-stop destination to access multiple, connected tools in one place.
  • enables to construct customized workflows for generating and analyzing pathways, pathway ranking, designing genetic parts, etc that can be seamlessly integrated with your data files.
  • provides a graphical user interface allows for rapid test and prototyping, even for users with little to no knowledge in programing.

These features make this tool a valuable addition to a biological engineer’s bench desk, thus accelerating development of metabolic engineering technology and its applications that can have a huge impact in our lives.

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